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My fourth interactive fanfic: Is anybody there?

"This was a really bad idea guys." mumbled as a vase smashed on the wall behind him, just above his head.
"Yeah? You think?" I replied sarcastically, dodging a flying book. wasn't so quick to react, and soon found out that hardback books didnt taste that great. He fell to the floor, clutching his bleeding lip. I pulled him to his feet and made a dash for the door. We all started pushing each other out the way, pulling everyone back, desperate to be the first to the door.

Two hours earlier.....
"So this is it guys!" announced leading the way into a dilapidated barn.
"Right, and where did you get this idea from again?" i asked suspiciosly.
"Derren...Derren Brown....he said it was so easy...oh i cant wait!" He said, saluting as he said the name. I was about to ask more details, but the frantic waving from trying to make me shut up worked.

Hi everyone. May name is . My worst enemy is a real bitch of a girl called , and I'm 100% in love with a dude called .